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The Last Mixtape EVER

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Birthed and brought up in Myrtle Beach, SC Precise is the one man squad producing beats, writing his own lyrics and shooting videos; Since 12 he knew he had a special connection with music ever since his older brother introduced him to Hip Hop in the late 90's, a multidimensional artist gaining respect from the burbs to the streets paving his own lane into the industry with a passion that kills. Can't be compared to Eminem but he's been working on his unique craft consistently for many moons incorporating his own original distinct style and undeniably creative flavor to the game, you'll have a better chance finding Sasquatch before you find another artist in the world that sounds anything like Pre. Never before never again, love him or hate him he's an all around futuristic lyricist that came back to the future to leave a realistic message! @PreciseDiff